Sunday, October 19, 2014

I must be getting old. I see photos of myself and I look old. I see myself in the mirror and I look old. I find it more difficult physically to do things that were once easy. I forget to do things, and sometimes I do things twice, forgetting that I've already done it! Heck, I am only 57. It's all down hill from here. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in your eighties!

One of the ironic things about the way I feel, is that I am actually in pretty good shape for 57. Sort of average in my peer group though, the guys that I hang out with, and the girl I have been blessed to live with for the last 18 years. We are all pretty active, exercising regularly, eating good food in moderation, not drinking or any other unhealthy vice like that.

When I tell some people that I went surfing in the morning  before work at 7.00am and then kite surfing after work for a couple of hours they sort of look at me like I am a bit crazy. Most of those types look way older than they actually are, and may not last too long past retirement age. I just want to keep having fun in my life for as long as I can. I know there will come a time when I can't surf or kite surf anymore. Maybe then I will start stand-up paddling around Limeburners lagoon.

A few months ago, my wife and I were called to be Temple ordinance workers. Every Friday we go to the Temple in Melbourne to assist patrons who are there to perform ordinances on behalf of deceased family members. It's a real priveledge to serve them in the more sacred space of the Temple.

Doing this has increased my own spirituality and has helped me focus on the eternities and the things that we need to do and they way that we need to live in this life to receive the greatest reward possible in the life hereafter.

I am one of the young guys in the Temple worker crew! Most are retired or at least semi-retired. So I can't help thinking when I am there that I am now part of the really old group in the Church. It's part of life. We pass through various stages and need to accept whatever stage we are in and make the most of it, knowing that nothing is permanent in life and the thing that we can expect most is that things will change.

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