Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Calgary April 2013
Tuesday 9th April
Picked up at airport by the Spackmans. Sr Beth Spackman waiting for me inside the airport and 91 year old Grant sitting at the wheel of the Mercedes waiting for us to get in the car. Did a little shopping on the way home.

Had an easy afternoon sitting at home (I did go for a good walk though) and then went to dinner at Bills Peking House not far away.  Beautiful food!
Got back to the house in Bron Beck Drive and the Beazers were there
waiting for us. Can't remember what we did for the evening,  but was probably just sitting around chatting.

Beazers took me to the Biggest Bass Pro shop in Canada. Very impressive!  See photos and video to see how impressive!

Stopped by Costco and bought more pizza for lunch as Darren and Verena didn't think the Spackmans had enough to feed their tribe.
The intention was to go swimming after lunch but we dawdled a bit and the nearest pool shut at 4.30pm and
it didn't have lanes for lap swimming anyway. We ended up going a and getting the whole crew some A & W root beer so that I could experience something Darren enjoyed! What was amazing was how huge the medium was and how enormous the large was. Fortunately I just ordered a medium,  though I posed for a picture with Michael's large.
It was fun being with the Beazers. The oldest, Justin, is on his mission in California at the moment, but Ryan,  Michael,  the bigger boy,  and little Maddy are all lovely kids. Maddy in particular!  A four year old
with a big personality!

They headed off on their 2 hour drive home. Pres went to bed early as and Sr Spackman and I stayed up a while chatting. I think my own Mum may have been like Beth Spackman if she had have been raised in the church.

This morning I got up early, had a shower but didn't shave as I left my razor at the Christensens. Pres Spackman had arranged for his friend Brian to take me to the airport as he was going to the Temple with his son Larry this morning. (Larry is actually also Grant Lawrence Spackman and
was just called as an Area Authority Seventy last weekend.) I tried to pay Brian but President Spackman had already paid him.
Grant & Beth Spackman are two amazing people. He is 91, she is 4 years younger. He was in the airforce during WWII and highly decorated. He is writing his memoirs if that at the moment.
She is one of N. Eldon Tanners daughters and very accomplished in many areas. The have together served 4 missions since his retirement. President of the New Zealand Christchurch Mission,  counselor in
the Danish Mission Presidency (based in Iceland), at  the Mesa Temple visitors centre, and one other that I am not too sure about.
I have told them I will be back to see them in 2016. I fully expect Beth to still be alive then. Not sure about Grant. I just hope that he is not still driving then!
They are both still in very good shape mentally. They never repeated themselves over the two days I was with them,  although they occasionally asked me the same thing again.

I hope I see them both again!

I am currently at Vancouver Airport,  I having successfully recovered my new mobile phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note II that I had left on the plane) and am now waiting for my bus down to Bellingham where I have some meetings tomorrow (Friday).

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