Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was going so well for a while there, writing regularly here, a new form of journal, for all the world to see just how good I was at journal writing. Well, it seems that this form of journal has gone the way of all other forms of journal. Starts with a bang, off and running, only to wimp out half way around the track and not keep going!

Knowing that I am not the only one in this predicament could be a comforting thought, but it's not really. We can all be guilty together can't we?

Truth is that I love reading and over the last year or two I have read some long books that have taken up loads of time. First there was Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman. That took me ages to read, not because it was hard to read - it wasn't - but just because it was soooo  long, and my available time is not that great.

Then I read Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, a classic of French literature. Most people know it as a musical. The book is so much better. It's a very long book, nearly a thousand pages. I have been reading on Kindle, and thankfully it has a very good built-in dictionary. One needs it when reading Hugo.

I am now reading The Man who Laughs, another less well known book by Victor Hugo. He has a distinct style. Easy to read but not easy to read, all at the s
same time. (Those astute readers out there will know one reason I read these on Kindle - they are free!)

But even reading long difficult books is easier than journal writing. But here I am, struggling again, trying to make the effort to leave something for someone else to read. If no-one wrote, what would we read? What a blessing it is to have prolific writers like Bushman, Hugo, Orson Scott Card, Arthur C Clark Nancy Cato, Henry Lawson and countless others.

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