Sunday, September 23, 2012


My current work schedule is a bit crazy (two jobs and my own business ensure that) so I don't always have a handle on what is happening at home.

This morning (Sunday morning) Margot was about to leave to attend Pt Cook Ward, which started at 9.00am (she is in the Stake Relief Society Presidency).  "Lets have family prayer before you go. Is Miriam awake?" I asked as I started walking towards our daughters room. "She is on Young Women's camp this weekend", Margot reminded me. I had earlier sent a text message to the Bishopric excusing myself from attending the Ward Priesthood Executive Meeting at 8.00am, as I would need to bring Miriam to Church with me later.

So I felt a bit absent minded when Margot told me that Miriam was not home and I could have gone to the meeting that I was meant to be at, and actually enjoy being at!

Which brings me to the point of why I write this blog. I don't really write it for anybody else's benefit than my own. But I need to write it so that I have some memory at some future time of what I was doing in the past, which is now!

I actually have a pretty good memory if I intentionally decide to memorize something. I can still recite many of the scriptures that I memorized on my mission, still know all of the Articles of Faith, and for some strange reason I can still remember the registration numbers of the family cars that we had when I was a child. But don't ask my for my current cars rego number as I will have to run outside to read it off the back of the car!

What am I now? Late middle aged? I don't know. I am certainly not elderly. That's years and years away! But I do know that my mind is not quite as sharp as it once was. My hearing is diminishing, either that or everyone just mumbles these days.

So for those of you on the good side of fifty, you have lots to look forward to!

They say ("they" always know don't they?) that there are various things you can do to ward off Alzheimers. A good diet, physical exercise ("they" say dancing is best), mental exercise, good relationships - all these things are meant to help. That's comforting! I do all these things (not dancing though - two left feet!) My memory just gets worse and worse. But that's not Alzheimers. People with Alzheimers don't now that they have it do they? I know I have a bad memory. Maybe this is just old age?

What do you think?

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