Sunday, June 24, 2012

The bathroom in London

We had a very busy day and a half in London.

We left the airport via bus for our apartment  in the Hyde Park area of London. The bus actually took us to a bus terminal and then we got a private cab from the bus terminal to the apartment. We booked the apartment with our travel agent in Geelong, and had very little idea what it was like. At $300.00AUD a night it was way cheaper than a hotel, and if it was just Margot, Miriam and me it would have been okay, but it did present some difficulties for poor Josie.

The problem was the access to the bathroom. The unit had a kitchen and living area downstairs with a couple of sofa beds. The main bed for Margot and me was on  a mezzanine floor. The access to this floor was via a staircase that was more like a ladder. This was just fine for us two. The problem was that the bathroom was up there too, and it was just not possible for Josie to get up there.

We went back to the office and explained the situation to them. There was nothing they could do to help us. We just had to figure out for ourselves how Josie would cope with not having access to the bathroom for a day and a half, or two nights really, as we were to sleep there the Monday and Tuesday nights, and like most people over a certain age, Josie was in the habit of getting up to visit the bathroom at least once a night.

At least there was a toilet at the management office about 100 metres down the street. So each night I would hear Josie call my name from downstairs and I would get up out of bed myself and walk Josie down the street. I really didn't mind too much as I am also over that certain age. Just be careful though when you are visiting London. Find out where the bathroom is!

Miriam across the street from the apartment in London

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