Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keeping a journal

The Primary President spoke in Sacrament meeting in our ward today. Early in her talk she mentioned that she had a journal that she had written in 3 times. She had bought the journal nine years ago, I guess full of intention to write in it more regularly. I can relate to that very well.

I started writing this blog with the hope of writing regularly and having it take the place of my journal. I did fairly well for the first few weeks I think, but I seem to be fairly rapidly falling back in to my old habits.

I am not a natural writer. I think I am better at speaking than writing. But perhaps if I persevere at the writing I will get better. I am reminded of the scripture in Ether 12 that talks about our weaknesses becoming our strengths. I think I had better write quite a lot to get this weakness to become a strength.

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