Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ban mossies?

After 5 weeks now of living with the Ross River virus, I definitely think we should ban mosquitoes from living anywhere near human beings. Sounds pretty stupid I know, and impossible to enforce. Maybe we could just put a tax on them, or make them live in detention centres? Yes, while I have been home so much I have definitely been reading and listening and watching too much politics!

But today I actually got some things done. I am still sore in the mornings and maybe not as energetic as I usually am, but I was able to do some work on one of the beehives and then, after 4 weeks of not surfing, I drove down to 13th beach and found a nice little peak to myself and had a great time. I rode one of my new 6'10" Fish and I was very impressed with how well it went. I really had a ball. Every wave, except my first, I was able to to a proper cutback back in to the white water and pull it back around and get back on the the face of the wave. Admittedly they were quite small and slow waves, but that was all I wanted to have for my first surf in such a long time. It will be really interesting to try the board out in some bigger waves at Bells or Winki or Centreside.

Yesterday was quite a big day for me too, as I worked all day and then drove some of my Young Men up to the Temple for a baptismal session. I drove home and was still feeling quite fresh, so I was impressed that I was able to cope with that. I drove Epati and Tiui Misi up with me and we met everybody else up there. There was not a lot of us, Josh Crouch was the only other Deacon there, but we still enjoyed it and felt that we had a good night. They are a good bunch of kids.

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