Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apollo 13 and the CO2 Tax

Last night we sat down as a family and watched the Ron Howard movie of Apollo 13. Apart from a bit of bad language, it was a very inspiring movie.

Just in case you are in the dark about Apollo13, this was the mission to the moon that had to be aborted as there was an explosion on the ship on the way to the moon. They then had to go right around the moon and use the moons gravitational field as a bit of slingshot to get back to Earth. Maybe about half way back they started to notice the CO2 levels getting dangerously high. This was where the ground crew had to devise a way to fix the CO2 filters so that they guys on the ship could fix it and get back to Earth alive. As you no doubt know, too much CO2 can kill a human.

Just as well Julia Gillard was not in charge of that mission. We all know her answer to too much CO2 don't we? PUT A TAX ON IT! That will get the levels down! What a stupid idea!

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