Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Young Men President

A few weeks ago, the 2nd Counsellor in our Stake Presidency called me aside for a private chat. I assumed he was going to be giving me some assignment as I was serving on the High Council, and since our new Stake Presidency had been called, there was some juggling of responsibilities happening.

To my surprise he released me and said that our new Bishop had something important for me to do in Geelong. So later that morning Bishop Sandford called me in to his office and called me as the Young Men President. A bit of a surprise I must say, but I am enjoying the calling already.

It is now the last week of the school holidays and on Monday I took all the active deacons surfing at Raafs, near Barwon Heads. Tiui, Epati, Jean-Paul, and Josh all enjoyed themselves immensely , and Jean-Paul showed great potential.

Today I took Tristan on a service project at Bob L's place in Newcomb. Tristan is the only active Priest in the Ward, so it was good one-on-one time for us.

It's a much more handson calling than the High Council. My type of calling!


  1. Well, its been fun so far! On Tuesday night I took an old bedframe, some big barrels and a bunch of boys to Eastern Beach with the intent of making a raft. It almost worked. Some modifications are being thought about for next Tuesday night.