Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday's Big Day Out

I started the day yesterday with the old Falcon breaking down on the way to work down at Torquay. It's a forty minute drive to Torquay and I had to walk home. Fortunately I was only about 1 klm from home when it broke down! So I walked home, grabbed the Subaru and drove to the tennis courts where Margot was with Miriam. we had to wait for Miriam to finish her game, but then we drove home and Margot came to the where the Falcon was on Watt St, and we towed it home.

So I ended up not getting down to Torquay until about midday. In a very short time I had sold one mini-mal and one SUP Board, and then the phone rang. It was Margot calling to tell me a tree had come down across our driveway and it needed to be moved. This was not that surprising as we were being hit with very strong winds and there were trees down all along the Surfcoast Highway to Torquay.

So in the car, back to Lara, out with the chainsaw, and the Mormon Aussie Bloke was in action!

And then I was at work down on Coppards Rd at 5.00pm.

A big day! (who said Mormons were boring?)

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