Thursday, January 27, 2011


I finished work this morning at about 10.00am to go from my night job to my day job. The night job is with MacKillop Family Services and I work there in a "Residential Unit" which is a home for about 4-5 kids who would otherwise be homeless. My day job is selling surfboards down at Torquay (in Victoria). I enjoy both jobs but I guess the one with kids is the more meaningful one. Surfing is just a hedonistic sport (which I am totally addicted to), but I guess on the bright side it does keep me (and others) fit and healthy.

So I left the "resi unit" at about 10.00am headed down to Torquay via North Geelong, spent a couple of hours in the shop, and then went for a very, very small surf at Centreside (next to Bells). Then it was back to the shop until 5.30pm. Now it's time to head for home.

Maybe I will write a bit more about work at the resi unit sometime. There is some interest stuff that goes one there. You get to see how kids turn out without the Gospel and without any real parenting.

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