Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Night

I usually work on Saturday nights looking after the kids, but tonight I had off work. I got home from work at Torquay (at Stonker) at about 6.30pm and Miriam and I went down to the Lara tennis courts for a practice hit.

After a bit of a warm up we played a set which Miriam won 7-5. You may think I am a bit of a  wimpy tennis player letting my 13 year old daughter beat me, but at least tonight I didn't get beaten by as much as I did earlier this week!

After playing tennis we got home for dinner in time to watch Kim Clijsters play Li Na in the women's final of the Australian Open. It was an exciting game, which we were happy to see Kim win.

Hopefully with tomorrow being Sunday I might have time to write something meaningful and maybe even spiritual.

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