Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oldest Daughters Wedding.

On January 15, my oldest daughter, Leahannah, married Zane Crimmins. This was a significant event in my life, not to mention hers!

I can't write from her perspective of course, but I can write from mine.

The wedding was held in the Maranoa Gardens in Balwyn at about 12.30pm. Quite a crowd had gathered to witness the event and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, which we were all very grateful for as it had rained almost continually for about 3 days prior to that.

While most of the crowd waited patiently for Leahannah to arrive, I waited at the main gate for her arrival. NOt having been party to the planning of the event, I was somewhat surprised to see her arrive, with her mother, maternal grandmother and older (half)sister in a white 1960 model Rolls Royce. After a few photos of her being taken as she was getting out of the car, I walked her down to where the marriage ceremony was to take place.

The guest had formed an isle down the middle and lined our walk to where the celebrant and Zane were waiting. I will always remeber how I felt when we rounded the bend and we could see Zane waiting. "There's the man who will look after my daughter". A very warm, peacable, feeling came in to my heart. "Leahannah will be Zanes to look after, and Zane is becoming part of my family".

I had met Zane on barely a handful of occassions prior to this. I could tell he was a good man from the moment I met him, and seeing him and Leahannah together it is obvious that he loves her madly and that love will continue to grow as they get to know each other over the years. I feel good about him and her being together for a long, long, time!

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