Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Post

Well, here it is my first post. It may not be that exciting for anyone else to read. But then I am not really doing it for anyone else, apart from my family perhaps. Why am I doing it? Well, I have struggled for years with journal writing. Our prophets have been suggesting for a long time that keeping a journal is a good thing to do. I started (before computers were available) with a paper journal. Then I progressed (was it really progress?) to writing in a Word doc. Now here I am with a blog.

My hope with the blog is that I will make more regular entries, maybe even daily! Perhaps I will write my own feelings here. Maybe link to articles that I have found to be interesting. Maybe it will be a bit of day to day activity.

Why do I call myself a Mormon Aussie Bloke? Well, thats what I am. My view of life is colored by the fact that I am a Christan and more particularly a Mormon Christian. I am an Australian male and therefore have views that are influenced by the fact that I live at "the bottom of the world". Perhaps a Mormon living outside of mainland USA has some slightly different ideas about life?

Wait and see.

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